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Solventless Lamination Machine - 1000mm

Speed : 300 meters / minute


  1. High precision measuring steel roller, three rollers for Adhesive Transfer

  2. Adjustable Adhesive Quantity

  3. Centralised HMI Operation for Various Parameters / Machine Operations

  4. Roller Heating Through Water Heating Systems (Make - Corn Air System)

  5. Adhesive Auto Mixer (Adhesive Dosing System) (Make – Twin Engineers)

  6. High precision A.C. Multi drive System (Make - S.A. Automation)

  7. Servo System for all Motors

  8. Drives - Siemens

  9. Unwinder / Rewinder Diameter : 800mm (350 kgs)



  • Max machine speed                           :          300mtr/min
  • Working Web width                            :          1000 mm
  • Un-winder / Re-winder diameter        :          800mm (350 kgs.)


    • High precision measuring steel roller with three rollers for adhesive transfer.
    • Precision micro gap adjustment for adhesive ensures precise coating weight.
    • Independent rubber roller for loading/unloading.
    • Back up pressure for lamination nip to ensure better performance.
    • Roller heating through water heating systems– 02nos. (1st @R1, R2, R3 & 2nd @ R5).
    • High precision digital AC vector drives.
    • Very precise tension controls due to High Performance electronic components.
    • Shaft less un-winders and re-winder.



Application -- Solvent less Laminator Machine with digital AC vector drive and Servo motor for the purpose of laminating the two different substrates.


Primary Unwinder

Polyester                                                                          10 – 18 micron

opp / bopp                                                                        15 – 25 micron

Metallized polyester                                                        12 – 25 micron

LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE                                                    40 – 80 micron


Secondary Unwinder

BOPP                                                                               12 – 80 micron

ALU                                                                                 12 – 40 micron

LDPE, LLDPE                                                                 20 - 200 micron

NYLON CAST                                                                20 – 80 micron

Polyester                                                                          10 – 18 micron

OPA                                                                                 12 – 18 micron

CALANDERED PAPER                                                 45 - 80 g/m2




Machine Name                                                    SOLVENTLESS LAMINATION 1000

Maximum web width                                                         1000mm.

Minimum web width                                                          500mm.

Mechanical speed                                                               350 Mtr / max.

Working Maximum speed                                                  300 Mtr / max.

Primary Unwinder ---                     

Maximum Roll Diameter                                     800 mm. (350 kgs.)

Inside Core Diamete                                           76 mm / 152 mm

Core OD                                                              100mm

Direction Unwinding                                           both direction unwinding

Secondary unwinder ---

Maximum Roll Diameter                                   800 mm. (350 kgs.)

Inside Core Diameter                                        76 mm / 152mm

Core OD                                                            100mm

Direction Unwinding                                         both direction unwinding

Rewinder ---

Maximum Roll Diameter                                   800 mm. (450 kgs.)

Inside Core Diameter                                        76 mm / 152mm

Core OD                                                            100mm

Direction Rewinding                                         both direction Rewinding

Tension Range ---

Primary unwinder                                                               3– 30 kg. (30N- 300N)

Secondary unwinder                                                           3– 30 kg. (30N- 300N)

Rewinder                                                                             5- 50 kg. (50N-500N)

Coater                                                                                  3– 30 kg. (30N- 300N)

(Adjustable Taper Tension 0% to 40% of set value for rewinding)

Coating Unit                                                                         1 No.

Laminator                                                                             1 No.

Rewinder                                                                              1 No.

Primary unwinder                                                                Pneumatic brake (forced cool)

Secondary unwinder                                                            Pneumatic brake (forced cool)

Metering Drive                                                                     1 No.

Roller Heating                                                                      Through water heating (two separate unit)

Mixer and Dispensing Unit                                                  For two components adhesive (solventless)

Vapor exhausting                                                                  Yes

Direction of the machine                                                      LH(LEFT) TO RH(RIGHT)

Electric supply voltage                                                         415 ± 5%, 50 Hz ± 2% 3ph

Control voltage                                                                     24 VDC / 230VAC



Air pressure at machine                                                    Minimum 6kg /cm2

Water content                                                                    0.01% (Dry Air)



Pressure at machine                                                            2 – 3 kg /cm2

Water temperature                                                              15 – 30 0C

composition of the machine


The machine dose need particular foundation and can be fixed to the floor, reasonably leveled condition and in line with the lamination and coating colums.

Unwinders and Rewinder  


Machine is equipped with two unwinders and one rewinder for reels having diameter up to 800 mm. very similar in construction.

Primary unwinder is mounted behind the coating unit on the coating column where as the secondary unwinder and the rewinder are mounted on opposite sides of the lamination column.

Unwinding tension is controlled by load cell roller with Pneumatic Break and that of rewinder by means of load cell which operates the motor, keeping the preset tension constant.

The lay-on roller provided on rewinder is kept in contact with winding substrate (reel) with two pneumatic cylinders. In addition to compacting the web, it also performs other functions like prevention of air accumulation between layers of substrate & discharge of static electricity of winding material.


The coating station is composed of the coating unit, the suction hood and the primary material unwinders



Coating Station   


The Solvent less coating unit consists of five cylinders

Cylinder R4                        :                       Coating

Cylinder R3                        :                       Carrier (Transfer)

Cylinder R1 & R2          :                       Metering

Cylinder P1 & P2           :                       Pressure

Cylinder R5                        :                       Laminating Roll

Cylinder R6                        :                       Back up Roll


Temperature of chrome plated roller R1 & R2 can be thermo regulated through Hot water circulation.

Rubber coated roller R3 equal to web width is used, which slides along two lateral guides, tilted to keep it in contact with roller R4 & R2.

Transfer of adhesive to the web is carried out through roller R4 (chrome plated steel roller) that also ensures uniform temperature.

Roller P is used as pinch roller. Primarily it is a rubber-coated roller, pressed against the web pneumatically with adjustable pressure on each side. It is moving in synchronization with line speed.

AC motor, drives the roller R4controlled through AC digital vector drive. Roller R4 in turn pulls the web under pressure from roller P at line speed.

A motor driven by AC digital drive in turn rotates roller R3 & R1 through fixed ratio worm gear. Their temperature is governed through thermo regulation by circulating water.

Fixed roller R1 can be manually rotated for cleaning.


Motion transmission

AC motor, controlled through AC digital vector drive, drives the roller R4. roller R4 in turn pulls the web under pressure from roller P at line speed. Tension on the web is kept constant, through load cell based close loop control.

A motor driven by AC digital drive in turn rotates roller R1 & R3 through fixed ratio worm gear. Their temperature is governed by circulating water through thermo regulation.

Fixed roller R1 can be manually rotated for cleaning.

Metering / Adhesive transfer

A feeding head responsible for feeding adhesive is mounted on the trolley, which enables its transverse motion to the machine for uniform dosing.

The adjustable Teflon end plates positioned on roller R1 & R2 keep the adhesive within the required web width

The level of the adhesive is maintained by proximity sensor.

The adhesive moves between roller R3& R1. Different coating thickness is obtained by changing the speed of the motor that drives roller R3 & R1 with respect to speed of roller R4.

Exhaust hood

The exhaust hood for vapours created by coating unit consists of: vertical sliding protection and is complete with full slide window that closes the coating unit at the front: a 2000m3 / h suction fan is located on the upper structure, just above the unit.

Lamination Station

The lamination station consists of a laminator, the secondary material unwinders and rewinder as described earlier

The lamination nip is made between the laminating roller and the rubber pressure roller.

The laminator is a chrome plated steel roller, R5 heated / cooled down through water circulation and thermo regulating system. The rubber coated laminating roller has a small diameter to reduce the contact area with laminating cylinder to achieve the best quality.

The lamination roller is driven by AC motor controlled by AC Digital Vector Drive and carries over the two webs, primary and secondary, at line speed, rightly “pinched” by the pressure roller

Hardchrome Plated Backup Roll R6is for Proper Lamination.

Upper Structure

The upper structure is a horizontal structure that lies on the two - lamination and coating units. It consists of two crosspieces and a certain number of hard anodised aluminum idle rollers, dynamically balanced and with low friction bearings; they allow the web transfer from the first to the second unit.

Drive System 

Unwider ( primary and secondary )         

Pneumatic Break

Main drive

Dizital vector AC drive & Servo Motor rated 10.0 HP

Metering and Carrier roller drive 

Dizital vector ac drive & Servo Motor rated 3 HP

Lamination roller drive 

Dizital vector ac drive & Servo Motor rated 5 HP

Rewinder drive 

Dizital vector ac drive rated & Servo Motor rated 7.5 HP

Electric panel

The general electric panel is placed near the machine on the side opposite to the operator’s side

Reputed make control system with dizital vector A.C drive & unwinder tension control with load cell based imported pneumatic brake will be provided with the machine

All Servo motors are from Fukuta, italy make

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